Winter in Willow Grove brings the lighting of the Christmas tree in town, and activity has shifted to the inside rather than outside. More traffic finds its way to the Mad Hatter Coffee Shop because warmth is of the utmost importance. The sound of the train whistle blows as folks grab breakfast at the Terminal Restaurant and the hustle and bustle at the Willow Grove mall is in full swing while Grove Pest Control is on the cold roads handling mouse control calls.

Winter in Willow Grove also brings unwanted visitors like mice who are looking for warmth and breakfast themselves. Once inside mice will find a cozy spot and start to pick away at insulation or other paper like scraps and set up a comfy nest where they will begin to reproduce at alarming rates. This is why pest control professionals treat a “mouse sighting” as a full blown infestation. The reason for this is just because you saw one mouse last night, doesn’t mean that mouse hasn’t been hunkering down for weeks or even months making babies. He may have been out shopping for food when your paths crossed.

Further investigation by a trained professional often times find droppings in areas the customer might not have even thought of. Pest Control professionals should treat an initial visit as a crime scene, thorough investigating should be done to determine how bad an issue is. Can there ever just be one mouse? Of course that is a possibility. Sometimes a random mouse will sneak in while the garage is open or jump in while you are bringing groceries in the house and because it is out of it’s element it runs and is seen by the homeowner. Sometimes that homeowner is lucky and catches the mouse that night and all is well. Most times that is not the case.

Whichever direction you decide to take, whether it be doing it yourself or hiring an exterminator, be sure that a thorough inspection is performed. If a professional is brought in be sure they ask a lot of questions, are they on their knees, on the stomachs, under the sink, in the basements? Put out plenty of product. Snap traps, glue traps, and poison baits. Used carefully, all these techniques are extremely effective. Mouse control can be accomplished, it just may take time and patience and the right tools.

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