It’s not every day a pest control company gets called out for slugs inside the home as these are usually more of a nuisance in the garden as they damage plants and veggies, but from time to time, when conditions are right, they will find their way into the homestead.

Slugs are even creepier due to the fact that they are mostly nocturnal, being ugly and creeping around at night makes for an unwanted pest, I agree, but these guys are also beneficial to the ecosystem, so if they are not doing damage or bothering you, you can leave them.

If they are a problem, what can I do?

Well, there are always chemicals and baits you can use. Your garden store is full of them. Items like Diatomaceous Earth is useful, as well as granular baits. Tons of home remedies are also out there if you are not keen on a chemical.

The other ways to help yourself is to modify areas the slugs reproduce or lay their eggs. Open up the garden to allow sun and air in, trying to dry areas. Keep the mulch areas free of things like decaying grass or leaves, rake that stuff away, as they will feed on that.

If all else fails…keep Grove Pest Control in mind. 215-237-6831. Servicing the Bucks and Montgomery County area of Pennsylvania.

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