Back in the good old days, when you were looking for a service company, whether it be pest control or a carpet cleaner, you would go to the old standby which was the Yellow Pages. Most times you would go to the section in alphabetical order that took you to the pest control section and then you would look for the company that had the biggest advertisement in the book. Sometimes pest control companies would have two page spreads and you would think to yourself, “now they must be good!” You would look for the logo for the Better Business Bureau on the advertisement and then you were golden.

These days we have the internet. It’s as easy as typing in, “Best Pest Control Company in Willow Grove”, and you get listing after listing of companies that fit that criteria. We can search the Better Business Bureau to see how companies are rated, we can search Google and Yelp to see what kind of reviews a company is given and then we make our decision. We have the world at our finger tips.

With all that info did you ever wonder why they got 5 stars or great reviews and just what makes that pest control company the best anyway?

Well I can’t speak for every pest control company, I can’t even narrow it down to speak for all the pest control companies in the Willow Grove, Pennsylvania area. But I certainly can speak for myself and my company, Grove Pest Control.

Aside from the important stuff like experience and knowledge, I have 25 years in the business and never stop learning to build my knowledge daily, Grove also has a lot of other important stuff that we pride ourselves on.

  1. Punctuality. When you make an appointment you can be sure to see us when we say.
  2. Gratefulness. We are truly grateful for your business and we try to express that.
  3. Kindness. You don’t need a grouchy person in your home and you should be comfortable with who you let into your home.
  4. Smiles. We are happy to serve you and happy to help. This makes us smile.

A company should be thankful that you are putting your trust in our hands and paying us your hard earned money to help to solve a problem. A company should provide a customer is always right attitude when providing that service. We should understand that we would not exist or be in business without you, the customer.

Grove Pest Control believes all this and strives to live this everyday. I think that is why we appear in your search, best pest control company near me.

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