The Service: An ant service will consist of a thorough inspection both outside the home and inside the home to identify ant trails to be directly treated. The exterior will be baited with a granular bait, possibly a gel bait, and an exterior spray with a non-repellent chemical. Inside we spray with a different non-repellant product, we may bait with bait stations or gel as well.

What to Expect: The idea behind using non-repellent sprays and baits is to use the ant’s biology and behavior against them. They are social insects, so as they groom and feed each other they spread the chemical they picked up while trailing through it to the others, crashing the colony.  Because of this, you can expect to see ant activity over the next week, although at a lessening degree.

What NOT to do: After your service, when ants are seen, please DO NOT spray any additional insecticides like Raid or Black Flag, etc. Also, don’t use any vinegar water or bleach water on them or near the trail, it will counteract the spray we used. If they appear in an area they are unwanted, just wipe them away with a wet paper towel.

Pets and Children: Most of our customers with pets will pick a room that is not having an issue with the ants and place them in there. It is important not to come in contact with the spray while it is wet. Once the product dries you can return to business as usual, it is just while it is wet you must be careful with the children and pets. Please make sure pet and children’s toys are picked up off the floor or away from the baseboard perimeters of the home. Please pick up pet food bowls for the time of service.

Ant Activity: If ants are being seen on the kitchen counters or bathroom sink counters, please move items off of or away from where the counter meets the wall. In the bathroom please remove everything off of the sink counter, including toothbrushes, etc.

What if the ants don’t die or return? If after the initial week that was discussed above you continue to see ants, simply call and we will return to retreat selected areas. This is sometimes needed if the colony size is large. We also provide a 30 day treatment warranty. So if 15 days down the road you notice ants inside the home or 29 days down the road you see ants, simply call and we will return.